MV Review: Ringa Linga by Taeyang

After some classic YG trolling, Taeyang has released the long awaited ‘Ringa Linga’ MV! It’s really different from the Taeyang that we all know but maybe he’s showing his true side with this video and single. I heard that Taeyang originally used to be a rapper with GD and he never thought of singing until he joined Big Bang. That’s so cool! I always thought that Taeyang started out as a singer since he always had really nice vocals. This song has grown on me at a frightening rate, and my mom thinks I’ve gone crazy because I can’t stop dancing and singing ‘Ringa Linga Ling Ringa Linga Ling’ over and over again. You do this to me every time Taeyang! Every single dang time!


MV: 8.5 out of 10

There wasn’t anything surprising about this MV. Actually, it was exactly how I thought it would turn out. But that’s not a bad thing, because I was expecting some awesome craziness to take place and that’s we got! GD was definitely having a spazz attack, looking like he was high on some stuff lol! Taeyang covered in that cool neon paint really gave me the creeps, although I love it when anyone uses neon colors in their MV. Oh and Taeyang’s hair! I love that slicked back hair look on him. But he really went all out with his other hairstyles! Back to the MV, the ending scene was the most fun to watch! There were all sorts of tricks being performed and Taeyang swinging on that circling thing… whatever it was, that’s going on my bucket list for sure. Wheeeee!


Song: 9 out of 10

I wasn’t in love with the song at first listen. But after 2 or 3 more listens, I got hooked on this song like a drug! I know a lot of people aren’t liking this swagalicious Taeyang, but he actually has a unique, smooth flow to his rapping. If he’s good at rapping, why can’t he at least try it out sometimes? He just wanted to go back to his roots so I think fans should support his decision and give him some freedom to choose the concept that suits his fancy. Anyways, this song is too dang catchy, it’s almost a crime. It’s definitely driving me nuts, especially the ringa linga ling part. Love how well the piano intro and piano in the bridge fit into the song. The beats were crazy sick and after awhile, I noticed this sort of chipmunky voice singing along to Taeyang in the chorus lol! Hats off to Mr. GD for producing such an unforgettable, mind blowing song!


Dance: 10 out of 10

Not much of the dance was shown in the video but the dancing in the dance MV was just wicked. Taeyang and his insanely talented back up dancers just had me staring at the screen with my mouth wide open the whole entire video. Some of the best hard hitting choreo I have seen for a while. I literally spit out water I was drinking because I was not expecting the dancing to start out with such a bang! But what can I say, Taeyang is the kpop king of dancing and no one can deny that.


Overall score: 9 out of 10


Oh, Taeyang. The things that you do to my poor fangirl heart. I’m glad I got to see a new side to him this time around and hope to hear more rapping from him in the future. I still love RnB Taeyang and would love to hear some Wedding Dress/I Need a Girl type songs on his upcoming album. Now that I look back, it’s fun to see how much not only Taeyang, but all the other members of Big Bang have changed over time, especially GD. Just imagine how they’ll be in the next few years!


Do you think ‘Ringa Linga’ is catchy? Do you like Taeyang’s new style? Comment below!


4 thoughts on “MV Review: Ringa Linga by Taeyang

  1. I can’t get this song out of my head but it isn’t bad thing at all! I think this is Taeyang’s best song this far… I just don’t know does Bigbang need second G-dragon because this song (and MV and everything)is so GD style. I actually liked this song more more than GD’s songs(except heartbreaker) so maybe Taeyang should be new GD and GD start singing RnB… xD. I loved the song and MV is just so crazy and matches well with the song.

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