Saikou No Rikon Back With A Special Episode (w/ trailer)!


Okay, how did I not know about this?! Saikou No Rikon was probably my favorite jdrama of 2013, with its amusing but thoughtful lines, quirky but refreshing characters and sweet romance. AND MY WISH FOR IT TO COME BACK HAS COME TRUE~! It has come back to kill me with its endless hilarity that had me literally laughing on the floor.

The teaser already had my cracking up and I totally can’t wait to see my favorite characters/couples back on my computer screen! It seems like new characters have been added to give the SP some spice so looking forward to see how that plays out. It is going to air on February 8th (squee, this Saturday~!) AHHHHHHHH dang it I can’t contain my excitement! Here’s the 30 second trailer:

Did you watch Saikou No Rikon? What did you think of the teaser? Comment below!!


First Impressions: I Need Romance 3


Woohooo~! I Need Romance is finally back with its 3rd season! I had very high expectations for this drama, considering how much I enjoyed the first two seasons. I wasn’t SUPER impressed with the first episode, but it made me look forward to what’s to come. Thankfully, the writers did the right thing by keeping the realistic view on romance but changing up the love triangle formula. And THANK GOD they changed it! I was getting a bit tired of it and I kept getting second lead syndrome, having to dry tears away at the end of each season. But, there are some things I hope improve as I watch more episodes. Continue reading

Nominations for a Liebster Award! Squee~


Never in a million years did I expect something this exciting to happen to my blog! I’ve been in a slump lately, getting sick and struggling with my insane perfectionism, and I feel TERRIBLE for not writing for so long. I’ve been trying to find the motivation to keep writing but I kept beating myself up and thinking I was not “good enough” for the blogging world. I’ve been on a big journey this month and I have finally realized my purpose to keep writing. Not for me, not for recognition, not to compete, but for my precious readers who actually appreciate my opinions and posts. I am so so so thankful to Sarah and Dramatictealeaves for nominating me for a Liebster Award because these nominations have given me the extra push to keep moving forward 🙂 Continue reading

Merry Christmas Everyone~!


Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! It’s been a looooong time since I have last written a post and I deeply apologize for that. I have been sick and then busy with Christmas affairs and what not. BUT! I will be back after New Year’s, I pinky promise!! I hope everyone has/had a fantastic, fun-filled Christmas and got what they wanted from dear old Santa Claus (Yes, the kid inside of me still believes in him)! Enjoy the rest of the year! I’ll be catching up on some dramas ;D

With love,

Choco ❤

I’m So Sorry

Hi guys.

I’ve been gone for what seems like freaking forever. I’m so so so sorry but I was hospitalized unexpectedly and had no access to internet. I just came back today and felt pretty bad for leaving you guys hanging so I’m posting this in hopes that whoever reads my blog regularly forgives me ^^ That is, if I do have anyone reading regularly hahaha…. Aaaaanyways, I won’t be posting for a couple days because I need a small break but promise to be back and posting like normal again. And I feel so bad but I’m postponing the additional giveaway I was going to be doing so please please please forgive me! I’ll do a big giveaway soon as an apology 😀 

Thanks for all you readers who take the time to read my posts, I love you guys ❤


Marry Him If You Dare Episode 9


With this episode, I am back to loving Shin wholeheartedly. His character has me emotionally invested the most and his character development is the most interesting part of the story for me. He is not a jerk for no reason, he’s a human being with a soft heart that just can’t control his anger. And with episode, I am confident that he is capable of changing after he silently accepted that he poses a threat to Mi Rae.

Continue reading